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The little Cabaret is like a theater café. A performance hall where you can see comedians, musicians, French Cancan, etc ... But you can also have a drink or nibble something while waiting. This is the reason why it opens earlier. (7 p.m.)

The key word is CONVIVIALITY !!

The spectators are very close to the stage and at the end of the show, they can even chat with the artist!

cafe theater4.jpg
cafe theater5.jpg

If all the café-theaters are intimate, Le little Cabaret   boxing in the above category. You have to imagine the boards of a theater stage in a humble little living room to take the measure of the proximity between the spectator and the artist. The interaction is total and the artistic performance remarkable as the surface of the stage, approximately 3 square meters, remains limited. There are no more than 25 seats in what is the smallest café-theater in France.

The little Cabaret invites fans of mini shows to come and discover a rich program, built around laughter, music and magic. Artists will present their shows or sketches in front of the spectators while the latter enjoy boards and alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. A moment of relaxation to spend as a couple or with friends in a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

The little Cabaret shows take place at the Bar à Planches of the LITTLE MAISON


Open Friday and Saturday .

Catering service from 7 p.m.

SHOW TIME from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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